Job Description


Maintains the cleanliness of small wares, dishware, kitchen surfaces and removal of trash.


1 year related experience in a high volume kitchen operation.


· Maintains general cleanliness as required by the Executive Chef.

· Must be able to operate heavy equipment.

· Ability to work with speed and accuracy.

· Works closely with Production Leads to ensure smooth operation of kitchen.

· Keeps work areas organized and clean.

· Ensures that all safety and health procedures are being followed.

· Knowledgeable of chemical handling.

· Must be knowledgeable on all health department regulations.

· Must have valid food handler’s permit.

· Must have valid title 4 training.

· Performs other related duties as required.

· Must be able to lift in excess to 50 pounds and push or pull 100.

· Must be able to obtain and maintain State/Tribal License (including extensive background check).

· Must pass pre-employment drug test.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to:

1. Reach, bend, stand, balance, walk and stand for 67-100% of work day.

2. Daily exposure to fumes/odors/oil for 67-100% of work day.

3. Work in hot/cold temperatures for 67-100% of work day.

4. Eye/hand coordination and wrist motion for 34-66% of work day.

5. Hold/carry, twist and stoop for 34-66% of work day.

6. Daily exposure to chemicals for 34-66% of work day.

7. Work in wet conditions and walk on uneven or slippery surface for 34-66%

8. Climb and use ladder for 1-33% of work day.

9. While working on casino floor, employee is exposed to high level of second hand smoke and noise daily.


Preference will be given to qualified applicants who are members of federally recognized Indian tribes. To be considered for Indian Preference, you must submit your Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) with your application.